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NVIDIA - Partners for self driving Ubers

"The complexity of future cars is incredible," said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at a press conference this week. "It begins with Xavier, which can do deep learning, computer vision and high performance computing at highly efficient levels."

NVIDIA Press Event at CES 2018 with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang:

Watch a replay of NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's press event at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, where he unveiled new gaming technology, including Max-Q designed thin and light gaming laptops and new big format gaming displays (or BFGDs), along with a slew of auto news, including NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier processor, DRIVE IX and DRIVE AR as well as partnerships with Volkswagen, Uber, Baidu, ZF and Aurora.


techcrunch: Nvidia’s AutoSIM is the ‘Inception’ of self-driving car simulators

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