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PAYPAL - Investor Day 2018

PayPal held its bi-annual investor day on Thursday and outlined key points of its growth strategy as its rivalries with Square and Amazon heat up. ...... ZD Net - 24 May 2018

Dan Schulman
President & CEO

"Tremendous runway ahead as the world digitizes (retail and financial services)

The scale and scope of our two-sided platform drive our market leadership

Partnerships are expanding our market opportunity and redefining the competitive landscape

This is the new PayPal – from our management team, to our people and culture, to our technology"



WEBCAST PayPal Investor Day 2018



ZD NET: PayPal investor day: Partnerships, Venmo monetization to fuel growth

INVESTING NEWS: CEO Dan Schulman said the company is just at the beginning of its growth.
Case in point, PayPal recently acquired Swiss payments startup, iZettle for nearly US$2.2 million which Schulman said the world is moving to digital payments and that they have assets to take advantage of it.