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Turnaround, Technology & Future

Turnaround, Technology and Future of Travel. Alan Joyce - the Brabazon Named Lecture 2017 at the Royal Aeronautical Society. Joyce gives an insight into how Qantas transformed its business in three years.

Listen to the speech here:

Joyce spoke on the history of Qantas and technology change and later answered questions. Interestingly he spoke about the A380 order and noted how the market has changed considerably since Qantas placed its original A380 order and advances in technology now allow smaller twinjets to fly most of the airline's missions much more economically.

"When we ordered the A380 in 1999, it was the only aircraft that had the mission capable of doing LA. Then the 777ER came along in 2004 that could do it, but we'd already committed to the A380," he said.

"The A380 works for us at a number of airports where there are schedule and slot constraints. At LA we have five aircraft departing at the same time because there are curfews back in Australia and it's the only time that works for connectivity from the east coast – the bigger the aircraft the better to get the volumes."

Joyce also said there are Markets where "you can fill an A380", but there are others where a 484-seater is too large. The new twinjets are lower risk.

"We could fly two 787s [together] with two sets of pilots and two take-offs and landings, and it is cheaper to do that than an A380 flying the same route – the economics of the new technology are that much better."

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