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Episode 18 - Interview with Kate Mills, CEO Professional Mums Net


Kate Mills is just one of my favourite people really…I enjoy so much reading her blogs and listening to her talk about Professional Mums.. maybe its because I fit into that box to some degree so I can relate to all her stories. In this interview we grapple with the idea of Nature vs Nurture - biology says women are the home organisers and men are the hunters but the case for many women is that they do both ... hunt which means they work and organise the home and statistics show they are still doing more of this job ! So getting some sort of balance is really important but getting it is the key. We explore what is working flexible all about - what does it really look like in the workplace and what are the options for women especially those returning to the workforce after having children. Kate shares a few new statistics of working women and working mums that she is seeing in the the workplace. We delve into the very huge topic on diversity ... are we getting there; is the attention in media helping what are the top Australian Companies doing to support women in the workplace. Thanks Kate always a pleasure to chat with you.