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Episode 22 - Interview with John Baini, True Pillars


John and his dedicated team have built an incredible financial platform named True Pillars which provides debt to small business owners and a return for investors that want to “back” them. His story is most inspiring and one that many migrants can relate to because many second and third generation Australians have watched their parents and families work hard to build their lives in foreign countries to provide a more prosperous life for their children. In John’s words to the hard working small business owners this is his message, “ You are the true pillars of this country, not the banks who get called the four pillars and earn hundreds of millions of dollars a month. You are the inspiration behind my business and how we named it. Our mission is to open up access to debt finance that your business can afford, thereby allowing it to grow and achieve its potential. I hope that in time we will prove that we have succeeded in that mission.” Thank you John for your insights and this incredible platform that is helping so many people.