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Episode 23 - Interview with Dean Kilby, Stem Cell


Dean is definitely the one to chat to when it comes to the latest and greatest in preventative and regenerative medicine. So what’s all the hype about…? Well it’s purely the most inspiring discussion of late I have had with a person willing to educate and make available stem cell therapy products and training not only to medical practitioners but also to everyday consumers that could benefit from this technology. We talk about the biotechnology of this incredible treatment, how it works and the amazing results it has on people. Did you know Dean has opened one of the first stem cell walk in clinics in Australia, named MSK Stem Cell Clinic? Dean is determined to share his story that some might say has had some heartache, but he’s turned this around to fulfil on a purpose of enabling better strategies for health and a bigger impact on quality of life for all. We thank Dean for his insights. For more information please contact Dean Kilby MSK Stem Cell Clinic Phone: 1800 078 362 Email: [email protected] Web: