Hugh Dive runs the Quality Filter Model over the AMP, Crown Casinos and James Hardie reports
Why most investors use PE Ratio incorrectly - Rudi explores the misconceptions of the Price to Earnings Ratio and how investors can use those insights for a better performing portfolio.
Panel participation by Tony Richards, Head of Payments Policy, at Meet the fintech regulators event – Melbourne
Kylee Fitzpatrick is the Founder and CEO of TEAM Women Australia, she is a wife, mother of 3 and former Executive of News Corp Australia. What is TEAM women Australia you ask… well it is a Story Telling Movement sweeping its way across our Nation, igniting women from all walks of life to share their story. Highlighting that TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More it’s calling for women to share their story because everyone’s story is worth of sharing. Story telling is becoming a huge part of our marketing focus across all business and Kylee has some great stories to share of her own life and of other women that will leave you wanting to hear more. We also chat about what is like being a mum in the current world, how do we return to work or build the confidence to start our own gig and achieve the balance for good mental health. We thank Kylee for her time and authentic sharing.
CEO, Malcolm Bundey and CFO, Richard Betts presents Pact Group 2017 Full Year Results
Greg Hywood and David Housego presents Fairfax FY17 Full Year Results
Peter Freyberg is Head of Glencore’s Global Coal Assets and his talk will cover relevant issues around Glencore’s coal business, long-term energy security, achieving climate change goals and future investment in coal. Mr Freyberg embarked on his international career in 1991 including appointments in Indonesia, Western Australia, Brazil and Colombia, returning to South Africa in 2000 to join Glencore. In 2002 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Xstrata Coal in South Africa.
Equities analyst Christopher Hall takes a closer look at the stocks that have performed strongly over the past fortnight.
Our viewing patterns have driven the demand for live streaming services and the success of Netflix and kind. Kevin Hua looks at why Disney are changing direction and what that means for how we will watch movies, TV and series in future.
Gary Glover looks at what to do with the Banks, RIO and whether Qantas is flying too high. For more information, visit: <a href="" target="_blank">Gary Glover TV</a>