Through The Line

Added: 10/5/2017
Dean is extremely the one to chat to when it comes to the latest and greatest preventative and regenerative medicine. So what’s all the hype about… well it’s purely the most inspiring discussion I have had with a person to educate, offer stem cell therapy products and training to not only medical practitioners but to empower the consumer/ person that has a condition and making this technology accessible for patients throughout the world. We talk about the bio-technology of this incredible treatment, how it works and the amazing results it has on people. Did you know Dean has opened one of the first stem cell walk in clinics in Australian, named MSK Stem Cell. Dean is determined to share his story that some might consider to have had some heartache, but he’s turned this around to fulfil on a purpose to enable better strategies for health and a bigger impact on quality of life for all.
Added: 9/28/2017
John and his dedicated team have built an incredible financial platform named True Pillars to provide debt to small business owners and a return for investors that want to “back” small business owners growing a business. His story is most inspiring and one that many migrants can relate to by this I mean by watching their parents and families work hard to build their lives in foreign countries to provide a more prosperous life for their children. In John’s words to the hard working small business owners this is his message, “ You are the true pillars of this country, not the banks who get called the four pillars and earn hundreds of millions of dollars a month. You are the inspiration behind my business and how we named it. Our mission is to open up access to debt finance that your business can afford, thereby allowing it to grow and achieve its potential. I hope that in time we will prove that we have succeeded in that mission.” Thank you John for your insights and this incredible platform that is helping so many people.
Added: 9/21/2017
Craig is the Managing Partner of Revolver Capital which is a boutique family office and venture capital firm that creates and delivers innovative thinking, solutions and businesses in financial services. Craig and his life partner and business partner spent many years working for an investment bank where at one stage they realised they could service their clients better and have more life/ work balance. Craig has been involved in 2 start up companies that they have developed themselves one in Financial Sector and recently in the Aged Care sector which we chat about in details in the podcast. You’ll learn from some of the statistics and case studies from Craig’s charing about what is required to have a good company eco system and what that actually means. We thank Craig for his insights.
Added: 9/14/2017
In this episode Chris shares his thoughts on Innovation, Disruption and Story Telling and how all these “things” are making a huge impact to our daily lives. He also shares some insights into how companies can get prepared to raise money, expand and grow commercially. Storytelling is on an upward trend and Chris explains the science behind this artform and you will learn how all stories are based on only 11 stories! Listen in and see if you relate. We thank Chris for his insights.
Added: 9/8/2017
This year Parramatta Eels are celebrating 70 years and they have a lot to celebrate; the rich legacies, transformed board, superb coaching, loyal staff, committed players, development of new stadium, successful junior development a strong fan base and finishing 4th on the table which sees them in the exciting Footy Finals for 2017. All of this lead by Bernie Gurr who has only been in the role for 10 months. With the support of the good people at the club he has created stability and values of Integrity, respect and excellence as the club grows to meet the needs of the West of Sydney with the development of the new stadium that they will share with Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club. This year the club awarded their first female Life Member, Jan Bryen for her 40 years of service. I am ever grateful for this interview, as my friends know I’m a huge fan of the Parra Eels! I trust you can take away some inspiration from the turnaround of the club and the people behind it; the staff, coaches, volunteers, players and their families and the fans themselves. Go Parra!!
Added: 9/7/2017
Kate Mills is just one of my favourite people really…I enjoy so much reading her blogs and listening to her talk about Professional Mums.. maybe its because I fit into that box to some degree so I can relate to all her stories. In this interview we grapple with the idea of Nature vs Nurture - biology says women are the home organisers and men are the hunters but the case for many women is that they do both ... hunt which means they work and organise the home and statistics show they are still doing more of this job ! So getting some sort of balance is really important but getting it is the key. We explore what is working flexible all about - what does it really look like in the workplace and what are the options for women especially those returning to the workforce after having children. Kate shares a few new statistics of working women and working mums that she is seeing in the the workplace. We delve into the very huge topic on diversity ... are we getting there; is the attention in media helping what are the top Australian Companies doing to support women in the workplace. Thanks Kate always a pleasure to chat with you.
Added: 8/30/2017
Anna has run an Etiquette Business for nearly ten years now and over the time she has worked with many companies of all shapes and sizes. In this podcast you will learn some tips as to what to do at a networking event when you are trying to eat and talk! Also if you have ever wanted to know what the new rules are for engagement with social media including having business contacts on your personal facebook page and when if it's acceptable to use emoji and use casual language in work correspondence. We also touch on work start and finish times… is it okay to get a coffee, go to the bathroom and then eat breakfast at your desk when you are supposed to be “ at your desk working”. Always a pleasure speaking with Anna and we have a few fun episodes in the pipeline. We thank Anna for her insights.
Added: 8/23/2017
Maria started Ladies Running Errands 7 years ago when she found herself recovering from an illness and could not get someone to help her get around to medical appointments, and she has a huge family network (sound familiar)! It made her realise that if she is feeling this pinch then there must be other people in society who are in need of help with their errands, especially to help with watering the garden or help with children logistics. Learn from her tales of having self belief, starting from nothing with some good old fashioned marketing strategies and the obstacles that she has faced to fund her business growth but also the partnerships she has formed to make it possible to franchise the business around the Nation. We thanks Maria for her insights.
Added: 8/16/2017
Kylee Fitzpatrick is the Founder and CEO of TEAM Women Australia, she is a wife, mother of 3 and former Executive of News Corp Australia. What is TEAM women Australia you ask… well it is a Story Telling Movement sweeping its way across our Nation, igniting women from all walks of life to share their story. Highlighting that TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More it’s calling for women to share their story because everyone’s story is worth of sharing. Story telling is becoming a huge part of our marketing focus across all business and Kylee has some great stories to share of her own life and of other women that will leave you wanting to hear more. We also chat about what is like being a mum in the current world, how do we return to work or build the confidence to start our own gig and achieve the balance for good mental health. We thank Kylee for her time and authentic sharing.
Added: 8/14/2017
Dale Beaumont is an Award-Winning Technology Entrepreneur, International Speaker & the Author of 16 Best-Selling Books. Over the last five years Dale has been interviewed over a hundred times by media outlets and podcasters around the world. As the author of 16 books, he is well versed to talk about most business topics. In this interview we talk about Artificial Intelligence, What it is & Why It’s the Next Big Thing. Wayne Gretzky once said, “A good hockey player skates to where the puck is, but a great hockey player skates to where the puck is going to be”. When it comes to business, a lot of experts predict that Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. In this, Dale talks about the future and how to get there before anyone else. We also talk about BRiN, he is the Founder & CEO of BRiN. So what is BRiN and what inspired him to build BRiN and how is it helping so many small companies in a fast way. BRiN has 700 training business videos available on an Application on your phone or tablet! Wow thats huge. Dale and I are also share the same Maltese Heritage which we will have to talk about another time. Thanks Dale for your insights, always a pleasure to chat with someone helping so many other people.